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Kylie M Power

Such an easy process from start to finish, all the staff at Chase Edwards kept us well informed at every stage and answered any questions we had.

Lee J

These guys are great, the amount of money they save every day people is truly remarkable, and the thing is it only takes 60mins and it could change your life and put money back in your pocket. What have you got to lose? Would definitely recommend 10/10

Mark Honnery

They helped me set up and investment property in Cameron Park, the process ran smoothly and a couple years later we looked to go through and build a second investment property with the team at Chase. They recommended a real estate agent to seek out tenants for our second property on the Central Coast of New South Wales, which were organised before we had even got the keys to they place. Their service is very good, which is why I’m happy to recommend them to others.

Dean Robertson

Our asset base has grown significantly which will help us build wealth. Simone and I have no hesitation in recommending all the staff at Chase Edwards. In December 2009, my wife Simone and I met with Chase Edwards. In just over 21 months, Simone and I have gone from having our own home, to having our own home and two investment properties completed and rented out, along with a third investment well on the way to being completed and rented out. With this my tax bracket has been reduced from over 40% to 25%, helping us reduce our debt on a weekly basis as well as giving us a great mortgage reduction plan. Also our asset base has grown significantly which will help us build wealth. Simone and I have no hesitation in recommending all the staff at Chase Edwards, and on a personal level, we’d like to thank the team at Chase Edwards for their guidance and assistance during our journey so far.

Ron Lewis

This company has certainly brought to my attention a lot of things to help me financially.

Jameson Cabarrus

Chase Edwards provided the opportunity, and now I have my first brand-new investment property. The process was very smooth. They organised everything from construction to lease. They kept me up to date on all developments and answered all questions I had. Great job!

Narelle McKeown

A very professional and supportive team helped us at every step in securing our investment property highly recommended

Joanne Tranter & Lee-Ann Grayndler

My partner and I were very impressed with the team at Chase Edwards. They explained the wealth strategy concept well and gave us immediate feedback each step of the way. Steve, Stuart and Michelle were accommodating and professional during each step of the process. Although we had some unavoidable issues along the way the Chase Team kept us well informed and tried hard to ensure we achieved the best possible outcome.

The Chase Edwards team have looked after every aspect of this investment venture and as a result we have tenants in and are on our way to creating our own financial security in our latter years. I would recommend Chase Edwards to anyone considering purchasing an investment property. They kept us informed of all developments, organised for us to attend hand over and paid for accommodation and a hire car to do so and worked with us to create a mortgage reduction program. The property is at Hamlyn Terrace on the Central Coast. I can only guess how much they have saved us – I would imagine it was in the thousands!

Caitlin Caban

Chase Edwards are very professional and the staff make you feel very welcomed and looked after! I will Recommend all my friends and family to them !!

Bon Scott

I answered the call..often I don't...But the Telemarketer..I heard an Australian accent and decided to listen to what they had to the end the very polite Sara had explained to me how Chase Edwards could help me..I booked for a In Home appointment. The Consultant Steve arrived..Went through the process and at the end realized that I really needed Chase Edwards help..I'm now very grateful for taking that first call.. Thanks to the great staff at Chase Edwards.

Paula Rawkins

l believe Chase Edwards to be a great company. Listening to them have taught me to work smarter in achieving my goals

Susan Bolderoff

Great and very helpful! Happy with results, very professional and great advice!!!! Thank you so much!! I can relax more knowing I can retire years sooner because of your advise and save money now as well! I work too hard and now I can work smarter!! Thank you

Julie Williams

I received a call from a very polite lady. I chose to put time aside for a cost free 60 minute consultation. Chase Edwards has opened my eyes to financial freedom. Very happy with their service!

Sara Drake

Wow!! If I didn’t answer my phone I wouldn’t have been able to buy my dream car, the telemarketer was patient with me and I went ahead with appointment and yes, the consultant found tax savings for my partner and me that my accountant and financial advisor didn’t!!! Was a bit surprised because I pay for my advise and chase Edwards appointment was free!,, I am impressed!!!!! Thank you. Always a pleasure when thinking about my savings because I love saving money!!!!!

Kris List

Great company to deal with. They have done nothing but have my best interests in mind. I have bought 3 investment property's through there strategy's. A+ in my book

Jackie Wenzel

The team at Chase Edwards are amazing, understood my needs and offered us a few different choices. The staff were very helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend

Kiley Webb

I would highly recommend Chase Edwards Financial to any clients who are wanting realistic help with understanding the in's and out's of options in relation to their future financial goals, dealing with the team at Swansea made me realise how to put not only my current financial goals into prospective but i was able to initiate my future goals as well with confidence. I have read the negative reviews and only hope that when you had any concerns if you were to ensure that you had raised them at the time of your appointment? Just a tip.... Anything you dont understand write these concerns down as i did and went through them with no issues hence why i am giving excellent feedback - all my questions were explained in plain English (No Jargon) and understood. Good luck you will not be disappointed with this friendly and professional team in Swansea.

Paul Hungerford & Belinda Wright

They make it all so easy and it takes the stress away from us. In far less than 12 months Chase Edwards has helped us in building and setting up an investment property. They assisted us with every stage from organising our finances to seeking out tenants, who will be in within a week of the handover. Everything ran smoothly along the way, I did not think the process of setting up a new rental property would be as simple as it was through Chase Edwards. They make it all so easy and it takes the stress away from us. I would recommend you attend one of their seminars or contact them directly to make an appointment.

Hannah McInerney

My dealings with Chase Edwards have been nothing but utmost professional and honest. The staff are very polite and courteous and listened to my needs and wants. I am unsure why people are giving poor ratings if you actually haven't taken the time to sit down and discuss their services because in my eyes it was a real eye opener and exciting!!

Matthew Boyle

Had the best chat to Steve from C.E. Not gonna lie I am pretty excited about the position I am in and what they can do for me...

Ruth Jang

They assisted us with purchasing an investment property with our super. They made it a very simple and easy to understand process.


We have just purchase our 2nd Investment Property with the help of Chase Edwards ! The Service and Advise we have received has been excellent.

Joseph Bolderoff

Thank you for helping our family. We were able to go on a holiday with the money you helped us save.

Joanna Lody

Thank you Chase Edwards for helping me secure my financial Mortgage is now reducing...I have saved tax and the process was very easy..The professional staff were fantastic. .highly recommend that people should seriously make the appointment for the consultant to come to your will be the best thing you can do for yourself Jo.

John Dbais

Chase Edwards was a great experience, staff were very knowledgeable, helped my family out in a big way. Haven't looked back since.