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  • Evaluate your circumstances

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  • A Wealth of Experience


What does your dream retirement look like? Perhaps you want to travel to exotic locations or pack up a camper van and tour Australia. You might want to give generously to your children and grandchildren, or simply live to 100 or beyond. But will you have the money to make it happen?

You might have a retirement plan in place, but are you sure that it’ll provide what you need in your old age? It’s troubling to note that the average Australian won’t accumulate enough wealth to last them 20 years out of the workforce. Our financial experts don’t want you to spend your golden years worrying about money. We can help you forecast how much you’ll need to fund your retirement and help you get there.

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Evaluate your circumstances

Today is the best time to plan for the future.
One of our financial experts will appraise your current finances and your dreams for the future. By honestly assessing where you are today, we can develop a path to the retirement you deserve.

Step towards the future

Not sure how to save for your retirement? Our friendly retirement consultants can discuss your goals and tailor a retirement plan to help you achieve them, no matter what your circumstances.

Chase Edwards should be your first step towards

  • Obtaining an honest appraisal of your financial situation
  • Developing a range of strategies to grow your capital
  • Creating a self-managed superannuation fund
  • Helping you retire sooner than you’d imagined
  • Building a partnership a long-lasting financial partnership
  • Securing the self-funded retirement you’ve always dreamed of

A Wealth of Experience

For more than 15 years, Chase Edwards consultants have helped valued customers in New South Wales, Queensland, and beyond how to prepare for their retirement.

We have steadily grown our business by consistently offering people of all ages the best advice and assistance in retirement planning. Our committed team of financial experts will partner with you to make your retirement dreams a reality.

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