Investing In Property: How To Invest In Your Future

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Property Investing Explained

Property investment is often seen as the less risky form of expanding your portfolio based on its many benefits. For investing newcomers, the property market is a great area to commit to as its familiar and more tangible than other assets. This makes it easier to research, understand, and asses the volatility or success of certain properties.

In addition to this, your investment property can be tenanted - generating passive income for you, the investor. Then there are the tax benefits. Most property expenses can be deductible. This includes any advertising done for tenants, fees paid on your loan, any maintenance jobs, and the interest on your loan. Plus, banks tend to be better-versed in the property market and have standard processes to see you through.

How To Buy Investment Property

Our best property investment advice is to do your research before finalising your purchase. This includes understanding where and what to buy, and how these factors will affect your return on investment (ROI). It’s important for investors to have a clear goal in mind before buying their investment premises. Remember, fluctuation rates can also play a large role here. In your research, you may want to look at the following points:

  • Choosing the right property at a suitable price 
  • Potential rental yields
  • Growth of the suburb
  • Property types 

Most property investors are professionals who earn higher incomes and are in a strong financial position to expand their portfolio. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t invest should your bank account be limited.

Should You Invest In Property?

Learn Why Investing In Your Future Has Never Been More Important

How We Can Help You With Property Investing

Property investment is a popular form of long-term investment in Australia. Arguably, properties are easier to understand and manage than other financial portfolio pieces. Investment property is vastly different from purchasing your forever home. It comes with its own set criteria, issues, and circumstances. That’s why working with the right team of property brokers or advisers is essential. After all, these types of mistakes can be expensive...

At Chase Edwards, we have invested over $300 Million of customer funds over the last 10 years. With in-house financial strategists, financial planners, mortgage brokers and investment property experts, we have everything you need under the one roof. Whether you're ready to purchase, have some questions or are just considering investing in property, we're here to help. To speak with one of our friendly property investment strategists, simply enter your details through the link below:

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The Chase Edwards team have looked after every aspect of this investment venture and as a result we have tenants in and are on our way to creating our own financial security in our latter years. I would recommend Chase Edwards to anyone considering purchasing an investment property. They kept us informed of all developments, organised for us to attend hand over and paid for accommodation and a hire car to do so and worked with us to create a mortgage reduction program. The property is at Hamlyn Terrace on the Central Coast. I can only guess how much they have saved us – I would imagine it was in the thousands!

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Calculating Property Investment Loan Rates

Working out your home loan rates is a crucial step in successful property investment. Buying and selling properties can be costly if done incorrectly and can ultimately affect your overall investment return. A helpful tip to work out a more realistic idea of what your return rate will be is using a mortgage calculator.

Here you will need to establish your loan amount, repayment schedules and payments, as well as your percentage of interest. There are many mortgage options and equity plans out there to assist your needs. This is where working with a property broker can be advantageous.

Alternative Property Investment Opportunities

Investing in property isn’t only limited to residential areas. Opportunities in the real estate market can be tailored to suit your interests, portfolio, and budget. These include:

  • Vacant land 
  • Manufactured homes
  • Mobile homes
  • Real estate investment trusts (REIT)

Like with any financial investment portfolio, having a diversification of assets can be hugely beneficial. By doing so, you are able to maximise your profits by having various returns that react at different rates. You will find that most investment professionals will agree that diversification is key to reach long-term financial goals.

Should You Invest In Property?

Learn Why Investing In Your Future Has Never Been More Important 

The Benefits Of Property Investing

Investing in property can be the right choice for many Australians. However, we always recommend seeking advice from a qualified financial adviser to make sure that what you're doing fits your overall financial plan. With that said, here are some of the major benefits for property investing:

  1. Capital growth - as the value of the property appreciates over time 
  2. Rental income from tenants - if the property is leased/rented out
  3. Tax deductions - on things like advertising, maintenance, interest and more
  4. Lack of volatility - property is traditionally a relatively stable investment class
  5. Physical/tangible asset - you have something to show for your money

Finding the Right Property Investing Advice

When buying an investment property, utilising an adviser or broker comes highly recommended. However, it’s advised that you think carefully before choosing a property service broker. It’s essential that you choose a service that you can trust and that can guide you in finding the most optimal investment. That’s where we come in.

Property investment doesn’t have to cause headaches and grey hairs. Trusting in the right company with an extensive base of knowledge can help you reap the benefits without the challenges.

Whether you’re new to the market or looking for experienced help, our team of skilled investors are here to assist you. With years of investing in properties under our belts, we can help you make strategic decisions, navigate home loan rates, and find the best investment opportunities for your budget.

Could Investing In Property Set Up Your Financial Future?

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