Navigate the financial uncertainty of 2020 with our ultimate recession survival guide.

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Everything you need to know about what a recession is, plus the 7-actionable steps you need to take to survive and thrive during economic downturn. 

  • Part 1: What a recession is, why it's happening and what you need to know.
  • Part 2: How to survive in thrive in the current financial conditions.
  • Part 3: The 7-Actionable steps to survive a recession. Including how to manage your finance & investments

This guide will teach you:

All About Recession

Why the coronavirus has been the catalyst for a long-awaited recession.

How to manage your money

Advice on how to spend, save & manage your household resource.

Managing Investments

How to manage your investments in a distressed market.

Your Super

How to deal with huge super losses, triggered by the stock market collapse.

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