Investing Away From Home Key to Wealth, Property Experts Say

By: ce | 24 Jun 2016



Many property investors feel most comfortable purchasing homes close to their own. They believe their local knowledge gives them an edge and love knowing their investment property is just a short drive away. However, property experts say buying only in nearby cities and suburbs can limit your money-making potential.

Rick Nieuwenhoven, the director of property investment firm Nieuvision, says first-time investors often fall into what he calls “the trap” of “backyard parochialism.” However, he says investors may make smarter investment decisions and ultimately more money if they expand their scope.

Purchasing a property outside the local area allows investors to think more objectively and take advantage of property hotspots.

Nieuwenhoven says the best returns are usually made in properties located within 15 kilometres of city centres. He also cautions against buying in areas that rely on just one industry, as the market could fail if this industry falters.

Terry Ryder, the founder of property investment site, suggests investing in areas where there’s the prospect of capital growth and governments are spending money on infrastructure.

“Sydney went from a city spending nothing on infrastructure five years ago to a city spending billions,” he explained, adding that this infrastructure spending was a key driver of local property growth. 

Hiring the right people can take away many of the worries associated with investing outside your local area. For example, building inspectors have more experience than investors in assessing properties and their potential problems, so you don’t even really need to view your property before buying it. A property manager can tend to your property, so you don’t need to be close enough to keep an eye on it.

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