John McGrath Says Southeast Queensland Properties Best for Investors

By: ce | 1 Jul 2015



Local real estate mogul John McGrath insists investors should focus their attention on Southeast Queensland properties. At the recent Australasia Real Estate Conference, he predicted the “golden triangle” stretching from Toowoomba to the Sunshine Coast and down to the Gold Coast would offer investors the country’s best chance for significant capital growth over the next three to five years.

“Southeast Queensland is my top pick of everywhere to buy in Australasia at the moment,” he told News Corp Australia at the real estate event.

Short-term capital growth will be fuelled by the region’s affordable property prices and enviable lifestyle. Rather than spending $700,000 on a one-bedroom unit in Sydney, investors could purchase a house or spacious unit on a Gold Coast canal for a comparable amount. These properties put tenants close to beaches, restaurants, and retail outlets, so they’re always easy to fill. As McGrath explained, “You can live a multi-millionaire’s lifestyle on the Gold Coast without being a multi-millionaire.”

McGrath added that it’s the ideal time to buy investment properties as the national interest rate is at a record low. “Right now, you can lock in the cheapest money you have ever been able to borrow,” he affirmed.

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