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By: ce | 21 Nov 2014



Chase Edwards is a legitimate company which specialises in wealth creation advice for Australian families. Recently Chase Edwards became aware of a forum discussion regarding a National Rebate Initiative SCAM. The scamsters claimed to be a part of Government Initiative called the “National Rebate Initiative”.

The thing is; this so-called “initiative” simply does not exist. There have been a number of reports and alerts warning Australians about this scam. Under no circumstances provide ANY caller with your personal or financial details, irrespective of what they say or how convincing you think they are. People started to realise this “National Rebate Initiative” was not legitimate as the callers could provide no contact number, ABN or even a website. The scammers then started claiming to be from existing financial service providers so they could capitalise on their good reputations. They have claimed to be;

Chase Edwards
Members Alliance
Future Group
Income Management Services
Rebate Assist and many more

We would like to take the opportunity to declare that Chase Edwards is in no way associated with non-existent Rebate Initiative scam. They have only been claiming to be associated with us because we have a good reputation for providing some of the best financial and investment advice to help our clients manage their super, invest in property and minimise both their tax and mortgages.

If you read through this Forum thread you’ll see many commenters have made inquiries and found that Chase Edwards is not affiliated with this scam and that the fraudsters have simply been using our name to capitalise on our good reputation.

The scammers have stopped using our name, they are still attempting to get people’s financial information and bank account numbers with the promise of tax rebates and savings. We encourage anyone who receives a call from a financial institution to ask for the calleers:
contact details and

Most importantly, do not provide important information like bank account numbers or your date of birth to a company you know nothing about. Some of the other non-existent organisations they claim to represent are;

National Tax Saving Program
National Tax Savers Program
National Rebate Initiative
National Incentive Scheme
National Home Owners Program

If you have any questions about this scam or about Chase Edwards’ legitimate financial services please feel free to contact us today. If you believe you have been contacted by a scammer we encourage you to report it to SCAMwatch.